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Children Hearing Tests

Components of the Hearing Test

Testing of a Wide Range of Frequencies

The test covers a broader spectrum of frequencies than standard hearing tests. This allows us to detect even subtle hearing issues across different sound pitches.

Middle Ear Function Test

We assess the functioning of the middle ear, which is essential for efficient sound transmission. This helps in identifying any issues that might be affecting the middle ear’s ability to process sounds.

Detailed Reporting

After the assessment, we provide a comprehensive report to the child’s doctor. This report includes our findings and recommendations for any further action that might be necessary.

Tailored Approaches for Different Age Groups

For Younger Children (Ages 4-7)

Play Audiometry Games: We engage younger children in interactive play audiometry. This involves games where they are asked to place a colored block in a hole upon hearing a sound. This method makes the test enjoyable and less intimidating, encouraging better cooperation and accurate results.

For Older Children (Ages 8-17)

Push Button Technique: Older children are more capable of following complex instructions and hence are tested using the push button technique. This requires them to press a button when they hear a sound.
Automatic Tests: In addition to these interactive tests, we also conduct a few automatic tests during the appointment to further assess the child’s hearing capabilities.

Importance of Early Detection

Identifying Learning Challenges: Early detection of hearing issues is crucial for a child’s learning and development. Hearing difficulties can impact communication skills, academic performance, and social interactions.

Customised Intervention Plans: Based on the test results, we can develop personalised intervention plans to address any identified hearing concerns. This could include hearing aids, speech therapy, or other educational support.

Scheduling and Follow-Up

Easy Scheduling Process: Parents or guardians can easily schedule an appointment for their child’s hearing test.
Follow-Up Care: We offer follow-up services to monitor the child’s hearing over time and adjust any interventions as they grow and their needs change.

Hearing Health for Children

By providing these specialised hearing tests for children, we ensure a friendly, stress-free environment that caters to the unique needs of children at different developmental stages. Early and accurate assessment of hearing capabilities is key to ensuring that any potential hearing issues are addressed promptly and effectively.