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Cochlear Implant Adjustments

Step-by-Step Cochlear Implant Support at All Things Hearing.

At All Things Hearing, our dedicated team specialises in guiding you through the journey of improving your hearing, starting from the initial hearing assessment to determine if a cochlear implant or a middle ear implant is right for you.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, including switch on and mapping once your cochlear implant is in place. Here’s an overview of the steps involved for those considering a cochlear implant.

Initial Hearing Assessment

Your journey begins with a thorough hearing test conducted by our experienced audiologists. They are specifically trained in hearing implants and will assess whether a cochlear implant is a suitable option for you.

Referral to a specialist

Your candidacy will be further assessed by either an ENT specialist or cochlear implant team at a public hospital via further testing and imaging.

Cochlear Implant Procedure

This is typically a same-day, outpatient operation performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is generally routine, but like any surgery, it carries certain risks. Your surgeon will discuss these with you in detail.

Activation and Customisation

The moment you’ve been waiting for arrives with the activation of your cochlear implant. This is just the beginning of a transformative journey. Over the following months, you’ll work closely with your audiologist to fine-tune and customize your device according to your unique hearing needs. You’ll be amazed at how much your hearing improves, possibly even beyond your expectations.

Ready to start your journey towards better hearing? Book a hearing test and find out if you're eligible by calling our All Things Hearing team at 07 3802 2126. Let us help you hear the world more clearly!