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Hearing Protection

Unique Ears, Unique Protection Tailor-Made Hearing Solutions

At All Things Hearing, we understand the importance of preserving your hearing in various environments. That's why we offer specialised services in hearing protection, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our range of services includes expert advice and personalised fitting of various types of earplugs, ensuring your ears are safeguarded against potential damage from noise or water.

Our Hearing Protection Services Include:

Custom Noise Protection

Ideal for those exposed to high noise levels in environments like industrial workplaces, construction sites, or during certain recreational activities. Our custom noise protection plugs are designed to reduce harmful noise levels.

Musicians' Earplugs

Specifically crafted for musicians and music enthusiasts, these earplugs balance the need for hearing protection with the desire for high-fidelity sound. They help in reducing volume without distorting the quality of music, making them perfect for concerts, rehearsals, and long studio sessions.

Sleep Plugs

For those struggling with sleep due to noise disturbances, our sleep plugs offer a comfortable and effective solution. They are designed to greatly reduce unwanted noise, such as traffic or snoring, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep.

Swim Plugs

Suggested for swimmers, surfers, or those engaging in water sports. Swim plugs are designed to prevent water from entering the ear canal, thus protecting against swimmer’s ear and other ear infections.